6 reasons that show you’re in a signs of Depression, not lazy

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  • Do you ever feel like you just want to lie on the bed and do nothing else?
  • Do you just feel lazy and don’t want to think about any of your responsibilities?

Well, We all had our off days. Sometimes we all felt unmotivated, signs of Depression lazy, and uninspired. We don’t feel the energy in our body. And it is normal to feel like that. It happens when you work too much for your exhaustion, overwork for a long time, or dealing with chronic stress. We all are sad and sadness fades with time but what if sadness persists?

signs of Depression goes beyond simple sadness But what if it’s more than that?    It can become an all-encompassing disorder.

  • How do you differentiate between laziness and depression?
  • How do you know if you or someone you know is in depression?

Here we will tell you some symptoms from which you can know whether it is depression or normal laziness.

There are different types of disorders but major depressive disorder is very common. Here are 6 signs of Depression 

1. Neglecting friends and hobbies – In this symptom, you do not get happiness by doing all the things which you used to do with great enthusiasm. You lose interest in everything. You don’t feel like meeting your very best friends, you’re not as excited to meet them as you used to be. You can’t make yourself happy even after playing your favorite game or listening to the songs you love which used to make you happy. It is the most common symptom of depression. 

2. Changes in sleep pattern – Our sleeping pattern is very important for our mental health. Often a change in our sleeping patterns can be a sign of mental suffering. It is a very big issue that irregular sleeping patterns can make depression worse. Depression can cause hypersomnia, sleep too much, or insomnia, too little sleep. These changes in sleeping patterns reduce our overall energy. This is also a very common symptom. In a survey of patients dealing with depression, it was found that about 75% of people go through insomnia and 45% of people go through hypersomnia. So if you see a change in your sleep pattern that it might be a sign of depression.

3. Change in your Appetite – Another thing that depression affects is the way we eat or our appetite. Some people with depression lose or stop feeling hungry, due to which their weight suddenly starts decreasing. They don’t feel like eating. And on the other hand, some people feel so hungry that their weight starts increasing suddenly. Because they eat too much they feel hungry all the time. 

4. Low self-esteem – Self-esteem is something that is majorly affected by depression. Depression leads you to think and see only negative things about yourself and to underestimate your achievements. This is a very serious symptom of depression and it can make people feel worthless. You just feel loneliness, helplessness, hopelessness, and sadness. You feel exhausted all the time and rarely have energy. You feel very disappointed and you do not understand the reason why you feel this.

So if you or anyone you know is feeling like this, then you should consult a professional.

5. Irritability – Irritability is one of the symptoms of depression. When you think negatively about everything, even a small thing upsets you and you become irritated by it. It makes you irritable when someone is talking to you or being around you. Depression causes dysfunction in mood regulation, meaning anger is more likely to be displayed. Even on happy occasions, your mood will suddenly become sad. Sometimes suddenly your mood will swing and you will neither feel happy nor sad, you will not feel anything. You can easily lose your patience and start getting irritated and angry over small things.

6. Flat emotions – Flat mood is another symptom of depression. This is where a person’s mood is dull, not happy nor sad. Often they don’t feel anything or feel very low. They don’t feel sad but they also can’t feel happy either. If you are feeling this then it may be because of depression. 

These are some of the symptoms by which you can diagnose depression.

 Depression isn’t a choice, depression is a serious mental illness. And for this, it is necessary to consult a professional and get timely treatment.

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