India’s Longest Expressway will be Delhi – Mumbai Expressway

Delhi Mumbai expressway will be the biggest expressway in India. The length of this expressway is around 1250 km. The Delhi – Mumbai expressway passes by the 5 states these states are – Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharashtra. It has fully controlled access. You can enter or exit by the ram only. This is the expressway of the 8 lanes, 4 lanes in one way. Its construction is going on fast and is expected to be completed by 2023. It will take only 12 hours between the two largest cities of the country, after the completion of Delhi – Mumbai expressway. 

Route of Delhi – Mumbai Expressway

Delhi – Mumbai expressway will start with Sona in Gurgaon and end in Mira Bhayandar across Mumbai. Two extensions of this will also be made on both the ends. The first one will be 60 km long on the Delhi side which will link Sarai Kale Khan to the expressway. And the other will be the Mumbai side which will be 90 km long. Which will connect Jawahar Lal Nehru port in Navi Mumbai. It is one of the important ports of India. It connects the expressway in virar. After its completion, it will be the largest expressway in India. It will be four times bigger than Agra – Lucknow expressway.  After completion of the Delhi – Mumbai expressway, the distance between Delhi and Mumbai will be reduced from 150km, and travel time reduced from 24 hr to 12hr. From Delhi to Vadodara it was reduced from 18hr to 9 hr.

About this Project

This project is under Bharatmala Pariyojna which is India’s biggest road infrastructure development program. The cost of Delhi – Mumbai expressway is around 1,00,000 crores in which 60,000 crores used in Construction and remaining 40,000 crores used in Land Acquisition.Construction is divided into two parts , the first is Mumbai Vadodara and the second part is Delhi Vadodara. 5 lakh tons of steel and 35 lakh tons of cement will be used in construction.This expressway is under construction.Construction of Delhi – Mumbai expressway started in 2019 and compilation target is 2023.

Advantages of Expressway

Improvement in Travel time, Delhi to Jaipur will save 1 ½ hr, 5 hours, 5 h for Ahmedabad, 6hr for Bhopal, 9hr for Vadodara and 12hr for Mumbai.  Closed tolling system will be used on the entire route, in which toll will be charged only on the basis of distance travel. Toll booths will be present at entry and exit. According to NHAI there will be 73 wayside Amenities in every 40 – 50 km distance. In these Restaurants, Hotels, Convenience stores, Petrol Pumps, Toilets and there will be helipads in many places along with emergency services. Apart from this, there is a plan to make 43 interchanges in the entire route. Rain water harvesting will also be used in this every 500 meters. Solar power lights will be installed at major interchanges and toll plazas.