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You Are My Glory : Final Episode 

One more Chinese Drama is being added to the must watch list. You Are My Glory a new WeTV show is a perfect watch for the people who love the idea of Love and Technology they only need to watch Chinese Drama on the weekends. The first episode launched back in July, the show came to an end last week with 32 released episodes. The new WeTV show “You Are My Glory” has captured their viewers attention with its amazing storyline and focus with their talented cast. This Drama is written by the Chinese author Gu Man. She is very famous for writing in the romance genre. This drama is based on a novel of the same name. 

Some of Gu Man’s notable writing works can be seen in the Chinese Drama  “You Are Always My Sunshine” and “Love O2O”. The story of “You Are My Glory” revolves around Qiao and Yu Tu. The cast list of “ You Are My Glory is filled with stars. Yang Yang who is playing the role of ‘Yu Tu’ is very famous for playing male lead in  Love O2O and Once Upon a Time.  And Dilraba Dilmurat who is playing the role of Qiao. She has been in the entertainment industry for a while and she has given many hits like The King’s Woman,  Eternal Love The Long Ballad, and a lot more.  Dilraba has been in the entertainment industry for a while. She has given several hits like Eternal Love, The King’s Woman, The Long Ballad, and a lot more. She has been in the entertainment industry for a while. She has given so many hits like  The King’s Woman, Eternal Love, The Long Ballad, and a lot more.

What is the You Are My Glory about

The stories of Qiao who is an award winning actress and popular gamer and Yu Tu who is an spaceflight engineer. They were classmates earlier in high school and Qiao had a crush on Yu Tu but she got rejected by him.

Now they haven’t seen each other for a very long time. But due to some reason, these individuals reunite unexpectedly. But not in reality but in a mobile game. When the show starts we see the time not being on the side of Qiao. The gossip about him getting rejected by her crush earlier in high school is making a ring on the internet. And the gaming she is popular for is not going well. As she plays very badly is recorded and goes viral and people begin to call her a fake gamer. To negate all the rumors she starts using her old gaming account which she won’t use for a while.  And she sees Yu Tuka there. She sees a gaming invite from him. And she does not wanna let go of the chance to reconnect with them. But it didn’t turn out like she expected it to be. With him playing in the video game, defeating the villain. It is the best way to spend time with your former crush. They fall in love but there are some goodbyes in the show for the viewers to cry their eyes out.

What after the final episode of “You Are My Glory” 

The Chinese show “You Are My Glory” came to an end on 16 August. The show is available on the original website of WeTV.  Even when season 1 has ended, all viewers will not be able to watch the last eight episodes. As the WeTv website requires membership. The only premium members have access to the whole season and people watching on free services will have to wait till the end of August to tell all the episodes. “You Are My Glory” episodes will also be available on the Youtube Channel on their youtube channel Tencent in the coming time.

As the show ended with clearing the plot holes and barely leaving space for any  questions. It is very difficult to say if there is going to be a season 2.