Kaze no Kanade no Kimi e (2024)


  • Movie: Kaze no Kanade no Kimi e 
  • Romaji: Kaze no Kanade no Kimi e 
  • Japanese: 風の奏の君へ 
  • Director: Kentaro Otani 
  • Writer: Kentaro Otani 
  • Producer: Kazuhiko Matsui 
  • Cinematographer: Hideo Fujimoto 
  • Release Date: June 7, 2024 
  • Runtime: 98 min. 
  • Distributor: Aeon Entertainment 
  • Language: Japanese 
  • Country: Japan 

Plot of Kaze no Kanade no Kimi e (2024)

Kaze no Kanade no Kimi e (2024) – Set in the picturesque Mimasakakuni area of Okayama Prefecture, this story follows the lives of two siblings. One is a talented pianist, and the other runs a charming tea leaf shop. The narrative weaves through their personal and professional struggles, highlighting their deep bond and the challenges they face. Starring Nao Matsushita, the story captures the beauty of their surroundings and the warmth of their relationship amidst the tranquil setting of their hometown. 

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