Ooru Peru Bhairavkona Movie Review 

Ooru Peru Bhairavkona Movie Review: Director VI Anand’s fantasy thriller Ooru Peru Bhairavkona, starring actors Sandeep Kishan and Varsha Balamma in the lead, has released in theaters today. Let’s see how the film is. 

Ooru Peru Bhairavakona Movie Review: Basavalingam (Sandeep Kishan) is a thief who works for a contract killer. He meets a girl named Bhoomi (Varsha Balamma) comes to the city for the first time and gets lost. Basava falls in love with her at first sight. He helps the girl run her errands but later learns that her boss wants to kidnap her. A situation comes where one has to retain the land to protect it. Not knowing he is trying to save her, Bhoomi runs away from Basava and gets into trouble again. Meanwhile, while come back from a robbery attempt, he (Kavya Thapar) meets with an accident. Together we reached a village called Bhairava seem strange and unnatural. He meets people with supernatural powers and soon finds himself in a situation where he has to save himself and those who trust him. 

Performance and technical aspects: Sandeep Kishan gives a commendable performance and shows dedication in every scene. Varsha Bollamma is also excellent, especially in the emotional moments. Kavya Thapar has done well in her role of Viva Harsh and has provided a lot of laughs in the first half. Vennela Kishore has attempted the humor our Ravi Shankar has portrayed his important role quite effectively. further on technical aspects., Shekhar Chandra breathes life into this film with his hit numbers and excellent background score. The film’s production values, including set work, VFX, and sound design, deserve special praise. Despite good songs and editing, the script falls short when it comes to hooking you emotionally. Cinematography, especially in Bhairavkona, has impressive visuals, good VFX, and smartly editing comes out with. 

Analysis Director: VI Anand seems to have a good story on paper, but while translating that story to the screen, he seem to have faced challenges. Attempting to connect multiple tracks to the main plot leads to confusion, especially in the first half. While a solid interval block raises expectations, the film goes astray with a less impressive track in the second. The second half appears rushed and excessive and leaves you disappointed. 

Decision: The film impresses with its acting and main plot. However, the film suffers from execution flaws, especially in the story and pacing. 

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