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My Man is Cupid

My Man is Cupid (2023)

Jan 6, 20241043 months ago2 min read

In My Man is Cupid a fairy is hit by an arrow he shot himself. He falls in love with a woman. Star-crossed love story between a love fairy and a human girl. For humans and fairies aren’t meant to be, when he accidentally shoots himself and falls in love, their fate takes a wrong turn. The two reconnect after centuries of reincarnation. Where will this story lead? (source Amazon…

Death's Game (2023)

Death’s Game (2023)

Dec 27, 20231 min read

Death’s Game Trailer

True Beauty (2020)

True Beauty (2020)

Dec 27, 20231 min read

Can makeup make it last? Lim Ju-kyung is a high school student. Since she was little, she has had a complex about her appearance. To hide her bare face, Ju-kyung always wears make-up. Her excellent make-up skills make her pretty…

A Good Day to Be a Dog (2023)

A Good Day to Be a Dog (2023)

Dec 27, 20231 min read

Han Hae Na is a single high school teacher with a family secret. Due to an ancestor’s fault, Han Hae Na’s family has been cursed for generations. When someone of her family kisses anyone, they turn into a dog at… is more than just a website; it’s a community of entertainment enthusiasts. Join us on this thrilling journey through the world of TV shows and Kdramas. Start exploring now and let the binge-watching begin!