Double Cheat Itsuwari no Keikan Season 2


Keisuke Takara (Osamu Mukai) was once a dedicated detective known for his relentless pursuit of a major scammer. Now, he serves as a police officer at a small police box along a bustling shopping street. To the residents of the neighborhood, he seems like a typical, friendly police officer who enjoys helping the community. 

However, Keisuke Takara has a hidden side. By night, he transforms into Scammer K, a vigilante scammer who targets and deceives those who exploit legal loopholes to escape justice. Using his skills and knowledge from his detective days, he ensures that these bad people face the consequences of their actions, balancing his dual life as a guardian of the law by day and a seeker of justice by night. 


  • Drama: Double Cheat Itsuwari no Keikan Season 2 
  • Romaji: Double Cheat Itsuwari no Keikan Season 2 
  • Japanese: ダブルチート 偽りの警官Season2 
  • Director: Keita KonoJunichi Tsuzuki 
  • Writer: Yasuhiro Yoshida, Amane Marumo, Nanoha Ito 
  • Network: WOWOW 
  • Episodes: 
  • Release Date: June 2024 — 
  • Runtime: 
  • Language: Japanese 
  • Country: Japan 

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