Densetsu no Head Sho (2024)


  • Drama: Densetsu no Head Sho 
  • Romaji: Densetsu no Kashira (Head) Sho 
  • Japanese: 伝説の頭(ヘッド) 翔 
  • Director: Takashi SumidaKeisuke KondoHisashi Ueda 
  • Writer: Takeshi Natsuhara (manga), Kazunao Furuya 
  • Network: TV Asahi 
  • Episodes:
  • Release Date: July 2024 — 
  • Runtime: Friday 23:15 
  • Language: Japanese 
  • Country: Japan 

Plot Of Densetsu no Head Sho (2024)

Densetsu no Head Sho (2024) – Tatsuhito Yamada (Fumiya Takahashi) is a second-year high school student who stopped attending school due to bullying. His parents, indifferent to his well-being, have gone abroad for work, leaving Tatsuhito to live alone. One day, Tatsuhito witnesses Sho Ijuin (Fumiya Takahashi) getting into a motorcycle accident. Sho Ijuin, the leader of the largest delinquent gang known as Grand Cross, is a formidable fighter despite his slender appearance, having never lost a one-on-one fight. Seriously injured from the accident, Sho Ijuin notices that Tatsuhito looks just like him and persuades him to act as his double. But can Tatsuhito survive as a gang leader? 

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