Game no Na wa Yukai


Shunsuke Sakuma (Kazuya Kamenashi) is a planner for an advertising agency, handling numerous clients with a touch of mystery and an allure that makes him popular with women. He approaches both his work and personal life as if playing a strategic game. Currently, he is working on a major project for a car company, and everything is progressing smoothly until the vice president of the company, Katsutoshi Katsuragi, abruptly excludes him from the project. This unexpected exclusion deeply wounds Shunsuke’s pride, leaving him extremely upset. 

During his turmoil, Shunsuke meets Juri Katsuragi (Ai Mikami), the daughter of Katsutoshi Katsuragi, who also harbors resentment towards her father. Bonded by their mutual grudge, Shunsuke and Juri decide to join forces to exact revenge. Together, they concoct a daring plan and engage in a kidnapping game, each driven by their desire to settle the score with Katsutoshi Katsuragi. 


  • Drama: Game no Na wa Yukai 
  • Romaji: Game no Na wa Yukai 
  • Japanese: ゲームの名は誘拐 
  • Director: Kosuke Suzuki 
  • Writer: Keigo Higashino (novel), Hiroyuki Komine 
  • Network: WOWOW 
  • Episodes: 4 
  • Release Date: June 9, 2024 — 
  • Runtime: Sunday 22:00 
  • Language: Japanese 
  • Country: Japan 

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