Miss Night and Day


Lee Mi-Jin (Lee Jung-Eun) is a single woman in her 20s who has been struggling for years to secure a decent job. While preparing for employment, she works part-time and earns various skill certificates. One morning, she wakes up to find herself in the body of a woman in her 50s. From that day forward, she transforms into her 50s self when the sun rises and reverts to her 20s self at night. Viewing this bizarre situation as an unexpected opportunity, she decides to leverage it to secure a job.

During the day, as her 50s self, she takes on the name Im Soon (Lee Jung-Eun) and starts working as an intern at the Seohan District Public Prosecutors’ Office. She is assigned to work under Prosecutor Kye Ji-Woong (Choi Jin-Hyuk). Despite her appearance as a woman in her 50s, she proves to be an exceptionally capable intern, adept at handling various tasks with ease.

Kye Ji-Woong is a prosecutor specializing in drug cases at the Seohan District Public Prosecutors’ Office. He is smart and handsome, but also a perfectionist whose life revolves around his work. His exacting standards and intolerance for mistakes cause his staff to frequently quit. He decides to hire Im Soon and, unbeknownst to him, gets involved with Lee Mi-Jin at night in her 20s form.

As the story unfolds, the dual life of Lee Mi-Jin/Im Soon leads to unexpected complications and developments, creating a unique blend of professional and personal dynamics that challenge both her and Kye Ji-Woong in unforeseen ways.


  • Drama: Miss Night and Day (English title) / Woman with Different Day and Night (literal title) 
  • Revised romanization: Naggwa Bami Dareun Geunyeo 
  • Hangul: 낮과 밤이 다른 그녀 
  • Director: Lee Hyeong-Min, Choi Sun-Min 
  • Writer: Park Ji-Ha 
  • Network: JTBC 
  • Episodes: 
  • Release Date: June 15, 2024 — 
  • Runtime: Saturday & Sunday 22:30 
  • Language: Korean 
  • Country: South Korea 

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