Nevertheless (2021)

Profile of Nevertheless (Kdrama) 2021 

  • Drama: Nevertheless (English title) / I Know But (literal title) 
  • Revised romanization: Algoitjiman 
  • Hangul: 알고있지만 
  • Director: Kim Ga-Ram 
  • Writer: Jung Seo (webcomic), Jung Won 
  • Network: JTBC 
  • Episodes: 10 
  • Release Date: June 19 – August 21, 2021
  • Runtime: 69 min
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea 
Main cast  Characters  
 Han So-Hee   Yoo Na-Bi 
 Song Kang   Park Jae-Eon  
 Chae Jong-Hyeop   Yang Do-Hyeok  
 Lee Yul-Eum  Yoon Seol-A 

Trailer of Nevertheless (Kdrama) 2021

Plot of Nevertheless (Kdrama) 2021 

Park Jae-Eon (played by Song Kang) is a university student majoring in art Nevertheless . On the surface, he appears to be kind and cheerful to everyone around him. However, deep down, he is quite indifferent and has no interest in romantic relationships. This changes unexpectedly when he meets Yoo Na-Bi (played by Han So-Hee), an art student at the same university. 

Yoo Na-Bi has her own complicated history with love. She once experienced heartbreak when her first love turned out to be unfaithful. As a result, she resolved to guard her heart and remain unaffected by romantic emotions. However, upon meeting Park Jae-Eon, she begins to develop feelings for him, challenging her decision to stay detached from love. 

Their encounter sets the stage for a transformative journey for both, as they navigate their feelings and the complexities of their pasts.

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