Aoshima-kun ha Ijiwaru (2024)

Profile of Aoshima-kun ha Ijiwaru (2024) 

  • Drama: Aoshima-kun ha Ijiwaru
  • Romaji: Aoshima-kun ha Ijiwaru 
  • Japanese: 青島くんはいじわる 
  • Director: Junichi Kanai, Hirokazu Fujisawa 
  • Writer: Yuu Yoshii (webcomic), Erika Seki 
  • Network: TV Asahi 
  • Episodes: 
  • Release Date: July 6, 2024 — 
  • Runtime:  30 min 
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan 

Main cast of Aoshima-kun ha Ijiwaru (2024) 

Main cast   Characters   
Shota Watanabe Manatsu Akimoto 
Anne Nakamura  Yukino Katsuragi  
Junki Tozuka  Shinji Tanizaki  
Manatsu Akimoto Rika Kimura 


Mizuki Aoshima (Shota Watanabe) works for a beverage manufacturer. Aoshima-kun ha Ijiwaru He is handsome, sociable, and excels at his job. He is popular among the female employees at his company. However, he struggles with forming deep connections and has no interest in romantic relationships. Consequently, he has never had a girlfriend. 

One day, he happens to sit next to Yukino Katsuragi (Anne Nakamura) at an izakaya. She works in a different department at the same beverage company. Yukino Katsuragi is 35 years old and has been single for about six months. She has a strong sense of responsibility and doesn’t mind taking on other employees’ work when necessary. Yukino believes that being alone is more important than love, finding it annoying when her life is disrupted by romance. She just doesn’t want to get hurt in a relationship. 

Her friend calls, reminding her that she promised to attend her friend’s wedding with her boyfriend, whom she is no longer seeing. After meeting Mizuki Aoshima, she asks him to pretend to be her boyfriend for one day. 

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