Tarot (2024)

Profile of Tarot: Unveiling Fate (Kdrama) 2024 

  • Drama: Tarot: Stories of 7 Cards (literal title) 
  • Revised romanization: Tarot: Ilgob Jangui Yiyagi 
  • Hangul: 타로: 일곱 장의 이야기 
  • Director: Ashbun 
  • Writer: Kyeong Min-Sun 
  • Network:  STUDIO X+U
  • Episodes: 7 
  • Release Date: July 15, 2024 — 
  • Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 
  • Language: Korean 
  • Country: South Korea 

Main cast

Main cast   Characters   
Cho Yeo-Jeong Ji-Woo 
Kim Jin-Young Dong-In 
Ko Kyu-Pil Kyeong-Rae 


A Cruel Fateis a mystery series composed of seven stories, each revolving around a character who finds a tarot card and becomes ensnared in a curse due to their choices. 

Santa’s Visit– Ji-Woo (Cho Yeo-Jeong) is a working mother raising her daughter alone. While Ji-Woo is at work, strange and eerie events start happening to her daughter, who is left alone at home. 

Please Throw Away– Dong-In (Kim Jin-Young), a veteran delivery rider, begins to experience bizarre and inexplicable occurrences during his deliveries. 

Going Home– Kyeong-Rae (Ko Kyu-Pil) hurriedly gets into a taxi in the middle of the night, only to find himself engulfed in fear and anxiety as unsettling events unfold. 

Each story explores the characters’ confrontation with the mysterious tarot card and the ominous consequences that follow, weaving a complex tapestry of suspense and intrigue. 

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