Billion X School

Plot of Billion X School

Billion X School – Rei Kagami (Ryosuke Yamada) is a billionaire and the CEO of Kagami Group, a leading conglomerate. As an exceptionally smart inventor, Rei has developed revolutionary products and is currently conducting research on high-precision AI. Although he was a curious and kind child, growing up, his curiosity persisted but he became increasingly self-centered. 

For reasons known only to him, Rei decides to teach at a school, concealing his identity as the billionaire CEO of Kagami Group. His performance as a teacher, however, is quite poor compared to his stellar achievements as a CEO. He struggles to understand the ordinary lives of the teachers and students around him, often causing friction with both his students and fellow teachers. 

Rei’s inability to connect with his students and colleagues leads to numerous challenges. His lack of empathy and understanding creates a barrier that he must learn to overcome. As he navigates the complexities of the educational environment, he must find ways to address the problems his students face and learn the importance of humility and compassion. 

What drove Rei to take on the role of a schoolteacher? As he grapples with this new and unfamiliar world, the reasons behind his decision gradually come to light, revealing a deeper purpose and offering him an opportunity for personal growth and transformation.


Billion X School’  Profile

  • Drama: Billion X School (working title) 
  • Romaji: Billion X School 
  • Japanese: ビリオン×スクール 
  • Director: Toichiro RutoKazuhiro Nishioka 
  • Writer: Shota Gajin 
  • Network: Fuji TV 
  • Episodes: 
  • Release Date: July, 2024 — 
  • Runtime: Friday 21:00 
  • Genre: School / Comedy 
  • Language: Japanese 
  • Country: Japan 


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