No Way Out: The Roulette


  • Drama: No Way Out: The Roulette 
  • Revised romanization: No Way Out: The Roulette 
  • Hangul: 노 웨이 아웃: 더 룰렛 
  • Director: Choi Kook-Hee 
  • Writer: Lee Su-Jin 
  • Network: U+Mobile TV 
  • Episodes: 
  • Release Date: July, 2024 — 
  • Runtime: 
  • Language: Korean 
  • Country: South Korea 

Plot No Way Out: The Roulette

When an unprecedented heinous criminal is released from prison, a public bounty of 20 billion won is offered for his murder. Baek Joong-Sik (Cho Jin-Woong), a dedicated detective, is tasked with the challenging duty of protecting this killer from vengeful citizens. 

The criminal in question, Kim Kook-Ho (Yoo Jae-Myung), has served 13 years in prison for his horrific crimes. Now free, he finds himself a target for those who wish to claim the bounty on his head. To navigate his perilous freedom, he retains Lawyer Lee Sang-Bong (Kim Moo-Yul) as his legal representative, hoping to find some semblance of protection and justice. 

During this turmoil, Yoon Chang-Jae (Lee Kwang-Soo), a butcher, is on a desperate quest to recover his missing money. His path intersects with the unfolding chaos, adding another layer of complexity to the already volatile situation. 

As Baek Joong-Sik strives to protect Kim Kook-Ho, he must confront not only the relentless pursuit of bounty hunters but also the moral dilemmas posed by his duty. The tension between justice and vengeance escalates, creating a gripping narrative of survival, ethics, and the darker sides of human nature. 


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