HeartBeat (2023)

Profile Heartbeat – Love and Secrets (Kdrama) June 2023 

  • Drama: Heartbeat 
  • Revised romanization: Gaseumi Ddwinda 
  • Hangul: 가슴이 뛴다 
  • Director: Lee Hyun-Seok, Lee Min-Soo 
  • Writer: Kim Ha-Na, Jung Seung-Joo 
  • Network: KBS2 , Prime video
  • Episodes: 16 
  • Release Date: June 26 – August 15, 2023 
  • Runtime: 60 min
  • Language: Korean 
  • Country: South Korea 

Trailer of Heartbeat – Love and Secrets (Kdrama) June 2023 

Plot Heartbeat – Love and Secrets (Kdrama) June 2023 

Sun Woo-Hyeol, portrayed by TaecYeon, is a unique being, half human and half vampire, caught between two worlds. For centuries, he has yearned to become fully human, driven by a deeply personal reason. However, he tragically missed his once-in-a-century chance by just one day. Known for his fascination with the latest trends and gadgets, Sun Woo-Hyeol is an early adopter, always at the forefront of new developments. 


Joo In-Hae, played by Won Ji-An, is a hardworking contract nurse-teacher who also manages a guest house. Her financial struggles have led her to take on numerous part-time jobs, earning her a reputation for being cold-hearted and distant. 


Fate brings Sun Woo-Hyeol and Joo In-Hae together, leading them to share a home. Despite their initial differences and misunderstandings, they slowly grow closer. As they navigate their cohabitation, their relationship blossoms into a heartfelt romance, each learning from the other and finding solace in their shared experiences. 

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